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Welcome to The "Key of H" Club!

This is a place for you to chat with me, get exclusive access to my music and live shows, share your input on my projects, vote on new ideas, and connect with other members of the Key of H community!

This page is also a place for me to share my music, my writing, my thoughts, my pics, and to give you an extra layer of transparency, letting you further into my creative process.

So far, one of the coolest parts of the Key of H Club has been getting to interact with everyone, answer your questions, and hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see me do since, after all, we're in this together.

I thank you for being interested in my life, my music, and my work. The connection between my work and your response has become the most important part of my creative process. I want to continue to share my ideas and I thank you deeply for allowing me to grow, expand and learn.